Restaurants in Pays Diois

A pinch of Diois, a spoon of Vercors, and spices of Provence…

With their generous and tasty cuisine influenced by Provence and the Alpes the Diois cooks are bound to offer you a gourmet experience ! 
Complemented with one of the ‘highest’ wine in France, the Châtillon-en-Diois AOC wine or the famous Clairette de Die sparkling wine,
enjoy local dishes of the terroir with strong regional identities. The diversity of the Pays Diois is reflected in the range of local delicacies such as Carré de Pic cured ham
or Archiane trout carpaccio, fresh herbs caillette (a meat pâté), raviole pasta gratin in a Clairette de Die sauce or Diois lamb with aromatic herbs, guinea fowl
of la Drôme with morels or sun-drenched vegetables stir fry, Picodon or Bleu du Vercors-Sassenage cheeses, walnut crumble or lavender flavoured crème brûlée… 
Enjoy your meal in Pays Diois !