The wild rivers of Pays Diois

Enjoy a refreshing dip in our rivers and make the most of this natural source of wellbeing.
At siesta time, let the lapping sound of water soothe you, lying on a beach of smooth rounded pebbles. Rediscover your childhood by skimming stones across the water.
Dip your toes into a deep pool in the Drôme river, the last wild river in Europe. Embark on the tranquil summer waters by canoe, or follow the livelier waters in spring.
Commune with nature during a fishing trip. Or simply quench your thirst by drinking the pure water of a fountain.


Access to sources of water is what makes a summer holiday in the sun so special ! In Pays Diois you will be able to enjoy water in all shapes and forms: cool mountain streams, playing with pebbles on the banks of the river Drôme, swimming in open air swimming-pools or relaxing by the side of a pond ! In Pays Diois you are never far from water and its well-being and relaxing effect. 

ARE YOU A NATURE LOVER ? You will love the trickling sounds of the river…

* La Drôme river with its smooth pebble beaches and a large meandering bed is the ideal place to cool down. The river banks are accessible from car parks by the side of the roads. Remember to be mindful of other users who share the river with you such as canoe paddlers. 

* The Roanne River Gorges between St Benoit-en-Diois and St Nazaire-le-Désert offer many wild spots and natural pools (be careful of rising waters after storms). To find these little corners of paradise, there’s no better way than to start exploring to find the best spots…

DO YOU PREFER WIDE OPEN SPACES ? Ponds are made for you… 

* Le plan d’eau du Pas des Ondes (the Pas des Ondes Pond) is South of La Motte Chalancon, nestled in a remarkable wild mountain setting. On hot summer days this leisure park is bound to please the whole family with its 2 lakes: one for swimming accessible with a fee (a life guard is on duty in July and August), and one for fishing. A large choice of activities awaits you on the pond’s shores: a fitness trail, an orienteering trail, a playground for children, a botanical walk, an educational pound and water games in the summer season…You can also eat at the snack, make a barbecue or play table tennis. 

* Le Claps, a listed site at Luc-en-Diois, is a rocky chaos with a pool of water, perfect for inflatable boats. For the adventurous ones, it offers a series of small water holes scattered in the rocks.

ARE YOU A SWIMMER ? You will enjoy the Diois swimming pools… 

In July and August, the municipal pools, of Châtillon-en-Diois, Die, La Motte-Chalancon, Luc-en-Diois, Lus-la-Croix-Haute, Pennes-le-Sec, Recoubeau, St Nazaire-le-Désert, welcome you in a safe environment. You can also enjoy swimming lessons and aquacise classes.  

ARE YOU A WALKER ? Head for the warterfalls….

* Le Saut de la Drôme at Le Claps in Luc-en-Diois, is an impressive waterfall especially in Spring when the waters are high. 

* Le Sapet waterfall start of the walk at the village of Les Nonières.

* The Mougious waterfall at La Jarjatte Glen  is surrounded by 10 of the highest summits of la Drôme at over 2000m of altitude.

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While you are on holiday, why not try Stone Balancing’: the art of balancing stones one on top of each other.


Fishing is a great way to discover La Drôme, one of the last wild rivers of Europe with its 30 tributaries of 1st category. The bleak, barbel, minows, squalius cephalus and the star of our streams: the famous brown trout populate its waters! On the Bez river ‘no kill’ fishing trail at Châtillon-en-Diois you can combine the pleasure of fishing with the preservation of the environment. Try your luck at catching carps, pikes or perches in an exceptional and wild setting at Le Pas des Ondes, La Motte Chalancon 3 ha wide lake.

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