Canoeing on the River Drôme

Paddle on one of the wildest river in France

Glide along the river flow in a kayak or a canoe on the river Drôme. 
The river Drôme with its clear blue, almost turquoise, waters is untamed by barrages, yet it is mostly a gentle river to paddle on…
There are routes to suit all levels and tastes: The upper part of the river fed by mountain tributaries requires significant technical skills,
while the lower portion at the bottom of the valley is accessible with children. 

Equipment hire professionals are here to introduce you to the basic skills required for this activity: they will provide advice and equipment (canoe, paddles, safety jacket, waterproof container for your belongings, safety helmets and wetsuits if necessary). You are then left master of your boat for a ride down the river. You will be met by members of the hiring company at the chosen arrival point to be driven back to your starting point. Some hiring company offer to guide you along the river with a qualified instructor.

What to expect : downstream sections of the river Drôme go from 6 to 32 km for half a day to an epic 2-day journey. This water sport can be practiced from April to October depending on the river conditions. In Springtime the river flow is more tempestuous than in Summer when the water levels can be low. When that is the case departure points usually move down the valley.
If you want to practice this activity you must be at least 6 years old, know how to swim and have no medical contraindications.

Our tip : While on water, take the opportunity to spot traces of the beavers’ presence !