Top 10 of things to do in Pays Diois

1 – Sparkle with a glass of Clairette de Die wine* in the Diois

Clairette de Die is the Pays Diois’ celebratory wine! Taste its fruity bubbles directly from the wine cellars at the heart of the vineyards. Gathered around a glass, listen to the ancient tale of this AOC labelled wine told by passionate winemakers.

2 – Travel in time to the Middle Ages in Châtillon-en-Diois

Don’t miss a stroll in the narrow streets that inspired the Provencal author Jean Giono or the filmmaker Lorraine Lévy with her film ‘Knock’. This medieval and botanical village is at the heart of the highest vineyard in France, snug against the high cliffs of the Vercors massif.

3 – Paddle your canoe along the river Drôme between the villages of Pont de Quart and Pontaix

Sail at a leisurely pace along one of the last wild river of Europe. Enjoy a refreshing and fun day in the water.  Relax in this rejuvenating and peaceful environment.

4 – Live healthily in ‘La BIOVALLÉE®’ this side of the Diois

The Pays Diois farmers are committed to environmentally friendly agricultural practices. While you are on holiday with us, take the opportunity to attend a session offered by local producers and walk in the shoes of a beekeeper, a winemaker or a farmer…just for a day: immerse yourself in the soul of the Diois inhabitants !

5 – Take your vitamin D(oise) by the side of the Roanne river

Look after your tan by the side of pools of crystal clear water in the refreshing corners of la Roanne River gorges from St Benoît-en-Diois to St Nazaire-le-Désert: a natural source of well-being to enjoy without restraint !

6 – Indulge your senses at the local markets

Meet any Diois inhabitants and they will tell you how nature plays a big part in their sense of well-being. The slow pace of life fosters creativity in artists and artisans. The mild weather nurtures a varied agricultural production and the quality of life we enjoy encourages us to care for the environment.

7 – Race down the mountains at Valdrôme or Lus-la-Croix-Haute resorts

Experience exhilarating sensations in the middle of nature at the wheel of downhills engines. Our family friendly leisure bases offer fun activities that will delight every member of your family: Dévalkart (downhill karting), scooters and downhill bikes, tree-top adventure course, Disc Golf Course, zip lines, archery course…

8 – Gain height by climbing on the High Plateaux of the Vercors

Challenge yourself with the 1,500 meters of elevation gain that’s required to climb the mineral stronghold of the Vercors. Ascend along the steep paths used by transhumant sheep herds to reach the wild heart of the nature reserve of the High Plateaux of the Vercors, free of roads and habitations: there you can take in the horizon of the whole of the Pays Diois.

9 – Follow the herds at the Transhumance Festival

Immerse yourself in a land of pastoralism: every springtime we celebrate the arrival of 1,500 sheep on mountains pastures. Once the wide woolly flow has paraded in the streets of the old town, the herds head for the green and lush fields of the Vercors Plateaux where they will spend the whole summer grazing happily.

10 – Sharpen your edge on the mountain passes of the Diois quiet roads

Hop on your bike for a tour between les Baronnies and the Vercors on our small roads before taking on the big mountain passes. The diversity of landscape and the mild weather make for a pleasant ride for cyclists. La Drômoise Bike Race event offers routes for all abilities: from 20 to 147 km and 2,598 positive gain elevation for the sporty ones.
In September this adventure can last up to 3 days during which you will cycle between picturesque villages, clear water rivers, mountains and cliffs.

* Please remember that alcohol abuse is a risk to your health, drink responsibly.