Caving in Pays Diois

A journey to the centre of the Earth

Would you like to find out more about yourself and your skills in an unusual environment ? 
At the heart of rocks, live an out-of-time, full body and soul experience in the exploration of the underground world : this complete change of scenery will reveal your true self… 
Brave the darkness to discover the invisible…Lit by the carbide lamps the rock walls reveal themselves as you abseil down.
Tunnels lead to large rooms that light up and everywhere water glistens on the rock, creating sculptural concretions. 

Beyond the Diois the next caving region is the Vercors or the Devoluy region where you will find karstic rocks suitable for caving.

Our Tip : don’t dress up for this activity; when caving you will be crawling in mud but don’t worry you will be provided with a suitable overall !