The Pays Diois : Organic is beautiful ! 

Ecology is at the heart of the Diois region

The Diois inhabitants are close to nature, mindful of their environment and live at a slower pace, so it is only natural that they have turned to organic farming, sustainable development and eco-constructions. Organic producers, some of whom converted to organic farming many years ago, have therefore made the Pays Diois one of the first organic region of France. A trip to local markets will give you a sense of the diversity of harvested or crafted products in our region. And don’t be surprised to see as you travel some unusual habitats (wooden houses or yurts). 

La Biovallée ®

The Pays Diois is already involved with the Nature Regional Parks of the Vercors and of les Baronnies Provençales. It is also part of the Biovallée® project because it supports a sustainable approach to the preservation of our special country. Because, ultimately, we want you to enjoy the best of the Pays Diois today but also tomorrow. The aim of this regional initiative is to balance out the preservation of our natural resources with the needs of human activities while fostering good social, cultural and economic relations. 

« Rencontres de Die » Festival

One of the main events of the year, les ‘Rencontres de Die’ are organised every year at the end of January. The Festival aims at raising awareness of the consequences of our behaviour on the environment, health and society. It offers alternative solutions developed in conferences, workshops, films, debates and visits…It is therefore a catalyst for new initiatives and concrete actions.

Our organic partners in Pays Diois