Rock Climbing in Pays Diois

Will you dare tackling the Citadel of the Vercors in the company of birds of prey ?

In Pays Diois we have around 15 little known spots that are really worth the detour ! 
When you climb in Pays Diois, you climb off the beaten cliff, far away from the overcrowded and fashionable spots. Here you won’t find limestone polished by too many passages. 
From beginner’s boulders of the kind you will find at le Claps, to the ‘Chant des Muses’ in 9b+ grade in Romeyer, climbing can be practiced all year round on different sites and orientations.
And there are some charming curiosities to see too: at Pennes-le-Sec, bolters have opened their hearts and left poems on the rocks… 
All across the mountains, from the multi pitch cliff of Archiane to small beginners’ spots that smells of thyme and box, you can hear a rumour :
it is said that the famous Mountaineer Gaston Rebuffat attempted to climb the sharp edges of Les Sucettes de Borne…
So, whether you are king of the cliff or a complete novice in the art of climbing, there’s a cliff waiting for you in Pays Diois.

Whether you need to be led along multi pitch cliffs or you are new to climbing, professionally trained instructors are here to cater to your needs and wishes. They will offer advices, provide safety and bring the equipment you need to practice. Climb up the mountain with your bare hands and discover a new angle to the horizon !

Handy tip: make sure you take sun cream with you !