Top 10 of the best family walks in Pays Diois

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1 – La Motte Chalancon watermills walk : Blow wind, blow

A short, easy and refreshing walk along the watermill path and its canals by the river side….
You will find a wet zone with orchids and enjoy beautiful views of the picturesque village of la Motte Chalancon.

Starts at La Motte Chalancon – 1h30 / 135m elevation gain / 2,5 km 

2 – Who’s Who at Les Sucettes de Borne walk

A large forest track by the side of a stream leads you to these majestic sharp blades of rock, chiselled by erosion. The game is to guess what these rocks remind you of. Let your childhood spirit guide you to interpret Mother Nature‘s intentions.

Starts at the hamlet of Born in the village of Glandage – 1h30 to 2h / 170 m elevation gain / 5km 

3 – Meet the little creatures at the Bouligons marsh 

This marsh is the largest wet zone of La Drôme and its mountain setting makes it quite unique.
To get closer to this special milieu, take a walk through the reeds on the boardwalk: you will keep your feet dry while protecting this fragile environment. The marsh is a heaven of dragonflies, butterflies, amphibians and birds so don’t forget to take your binoculars with you !

Starts of the walk at the car park along the RD 93 road (8km from Luc-en-Diois in the direction of Gap) – 1h30 to 2h / 100 m elevation gain / 3km

4 – The mineral maze of the Claps listed site

The Pic de Luc rock fall in the Middle Ages left a spectacular and chaotic maze of limestone boulders where part of the fun is to lose yourself. In addition, the ‘Saut de la Drôme’ waterfall brings coolness to the site.

Starts at Luc-en-Diois (from the Municipal Campsite) – 1h15 / 40m or elevation gain / 5km 

5 – Châtillon-en-Diois vineyards stone huts walk

Châtillon-en-Diois boasts 70 of these special stone huts, typical of the agricultural landscape of the region and spread across one of the highest vineyard in France.

Starts at Châtillon-en-Diois (Le Maupas locality) – 1h30 / 97 m of elevation gain / 4,3km 

6 – L’Autonière water resurgence at Aucelon: when water comes out of a rock

Your first reward is the picture perfect view of the hilltop village on its sharp outcrop, then the path zigzag towards the ruins of a watermill, green and cool amongst the age-old box bushes.
L’Autonière spring resurgence that spews its white waters in heavy rainfalls and the castle’s ruins are also well worth the detour.

Starts at Aucelon village – 4,5 km / 220 m of elevation gain / 2h 

7 – Budding mountaineers at le ‘Col des Prêtres’ at Grimone

For the little legs, this circular walk has the added advantage of starting at 1318 m of altitude: you gain height easily and are immediately in the mountains! Plus you’ll enjoy superb panoramic views on the Vercors cliffs and the alpine chain of the highest summits of la Drôme.

Starts at Grimone (Col de Grimone) – 2h / 271 m of elevation gain / 4,5 km 

8 – Lavender fields in the Roanne valley…A sensory trip down memory lane….

What could be more Provençal? Breathing in the calming fragrances of lavender fields, reminiscent of your grandma’s linens, listening to the songs of the cicadas between fields and bush, walk by the village and the Angèle Mount. And between mid-June to the end of July, with the lavender fields in bloom, lavender blue is the colour of the season. 

Starts at St Nazaire-le-Désert- 2h45 / 300m of elevation gain/ 6,5 km

9 – Archiane : Fly Away with the Birds of Prey

Gateway to the Nature Reserve of the High Plateau of the Vercors, this impressive circular mountain is famous for the successful reintroduction of griffon vultures. Find out more of this story and about these majestic birds on the information panels dotted along the path.

Start at Archiane hamlet (Châtillon-en-Diois) – 2h30 / 350 m elevation gain / 5km 

10 – At Valdrôme by the riverside…

This playful, discovery walk will take you along the last wild river of Europe: have fun and learn more about this special natural environment. After the walk the river bank with its patiently polished pebbles are perfect for a little rest.

Start at Valdrôme – 45 mn /   20 m elevation gain / 1,5km