La Drôme resorts

At Lus-la-Jarjatte, Valdrôme and le Col de Rousset

You can travel far while keeping your feet on the grounds, right here, right now ! In la Drôme resorts in summer and winter the mountain is within easy reach ! 
Here, exercising is a pleasure !  Riding down the slopes or experiencing thrilling sensations on your skis or on two wheels…

Enjoy the Fun Side of the Mountain ! 

3 leisure parks, 3 sites, 3 times the fun ! No time to get bored, there are plenty of activities and the chance to enjoy a breath of fresh air…Do you prefer 2 or 4 wheels? Choose your engine, ride downhill and watch the scenery pass before your eyes !


Valdrôme is THE Family Resort, high above the Haut Diois region, it offers a surprisingly diverse range of activities in the summer time. The place is a heaven for young and old outdoor fanatics: a welcoming resort in the middle of nature with a wide range of original activities: Dévalkart (the alpine pasture kart), scooters, downhill mountain biking, Acrocabana (tree top adventure and other nature games), a mini-golf course, archery courses, disc golf (a cross between basketball and frisbee), a 100m long zip wire, an orienteering trail and a cooling zone with a water park for the very young. With activities to share for the whole family in a friendly environment, it is the perfect recipe for a memorable holiday together. 


Col de Rousset Resort is THE Fun Zone ! Teenagers love it for its up-to-date activities ! Located on top of the Vercors Southern plateau on a cliff edge, you can start your exploration with a panoramic view on-board the chairlift that will take you to the start of many walks and hikes in the Nature Reserve of the High Plateau of the Vercors. Or just walk to the orienteering tables for a picnic in the open. A breath taking 360° panorama over the Diois region and the Grand Veymount mountain awaits you. 

What’s on offer ?
* Trottin’herbe (grass scooters), scooters and downhill mountain bikes with runs accessible by chairlift.
* Sledge run on a rail offering 760 m of downhill twists and turns, drops and raised passageways. 
* The Drop Bag: this unusually large inflatable matrass allows you to throw the most stunning freestyle jumps. 
* The Pumptrack Run with raised bends and jumps: you can ride almost without peddling with a BMX or mountain bike, a scooter or a skateboard…


Lus is The smallest resort, tucked away in a picturesque and listed valley.
Here you have a choice: hop on one of the two-wheels downhill protractions (the downhill duo bike or the dirtscoot, rollherbe) and take one of the two ski lifts to access the grassy slopes equipped with modules. From there you can choose from the Northshore run with wooden passageways or the border cross set in the forest with raised bends, jumps and whoops…

Our tip : Book the ‘Pack Activités Famille’ or the Kid one to enjoy your day to the full and make savings ! 

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So, can you ski in Pays Diois ?

Yes indeed! Our region is truly varied which means we have lavender fields in summer and snow in winter. From late December to March, the ski season is shorter than
in the Northern Alps but the weather is mild and welcoming. And snow and sunshine is really the perfect combination to make the most of your holidays !

The southern slopes of the Pays Diois are easily accessible but can reach up to 1,700 meters of altitude. It offers 2 family-friendly ski resorts with two very different terrains :
one is on the Vercors plateau, the other by the side of the sharp edges of the Dévoluy mountain but both are part of the preserved Nature Regional Park of the Vercors. 

Skiing for less, away from the crowds

Are you looking for a small, quiet and affordable resort for your winter family holidays ? With its reasonable ski passes, personalised service, fun zones for the young ones and ski runs accessible to all, the Pays Diois is the place for you ! Enjoy a breath of fresh air in a unspoilt setting without breaking the bank ! Our resorts are the ideal places to start or discover a new activity like snowboarding or the snowscoot: 360° guaranteed, at least in the scenery !

Our tip : If it is a very windy day, the resort of Lus-la-Jarjatte is sheltered and will be more suited ! And don’t forget to make the most of the special Family Ski Pass for 2 adults and 2 children.  

How about Cross-Country Skiing ?

Cross-country skiing is a popular and fun way to ride and gain speed… Imagine yourself gliding along in snow- white paradise: the prefect activity to commune with Nature ! 
Cross-country skiing is an intense and invigorating sport. You have a choice of two techniques: ‘Classic’ cross-country when you stride along with parallel skiis in two groomed tracks or
‘Skating’ a more technical and elegant style in which you gain more speed.

Our tip : Do you want to motivate the young ones in your family to try cross-country skiing? Tempt them with an introduction to biathlon…
This sport that combines cross-country skiing with shooting targets with a rifle will be a sure hit with the young ones ! 


The Most Alpine of la Drôme ski resorts is surrounded by ten of the highest peaks of the Département. At the heart of this site, listed for its picturesque landscape, you will find 6 downhill slopes hidden in the spruce trees. And for those who like novelties it is the place to try the Snowscoot. This resort is ideal to learn to ski in a relaxed environment. Lus-la-Jarjatte unveils its wild side with its small 22km cross-country skiing domain with mixed tracks and mild inclines at the bottom of the valley but at the far end of the world…


Gateways to the Vercors, the Col de Rousset is the highest and largest ski resort of the Pays Diois with its 26 ski runs spread across wide open spaces and the summit high plateau. It also boasts a range of leisure equipment: a snowpark, boardercross, a sledge run… young people will love it! This resort with unobstructed vista on the Vercors plateau is ideal to practice Kitesurf.

4km drive from the Col de Rousset, the Raphaël Poirée Nordic Park offers 20km of Nordic skiing tracks to practice classic or skating techniques on tracks of varying difficulties. It also offers a biathlon stadium to learn this activity. 

Our tip : On a day with high winds, we recommend Lus-la-Jarjatte resort for its more sheltered location.

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