Via ferrata in Pays Diois

Admire the Landscape from a Vertical Point of View

Half-way between a hike and rock climbing in the stunning, well-equipped spots of the Pays Diois, you will travel in complete safety along vertical rock walls. 
A via ferrata offers an aerial course with climbs, ledges and overhangs, it is fitted with cables, steps and ladders, monkey bridges and sometime zip lines.
There are courses for every ability from family-friendly to sportier ones. Once on top you will enjoy remarkable, unobstructed views. 
How does it work ? Using self-belaying techniques, you will climb with a double rope secured to the security cable. 

In Pays Diois, there are four courses open all year round and accessible free of charge. You can climb on your own or led by an instructor. 

For confirmed climbers, equipment hire shops offer climbing equipment (helmet, ropes, harness). Otherwise, professionally qualified guides can lead you: they will lend you equipment and ensure you practice this aerial activity in complete safety and comfort. They are by your side if you lose confidence along the route so don’t hesitate to use their expert services !

Our tip: For the under 10, try the ‘travelling climb’ (parcours rochassier) for an easy introduction to via ferrata.