Pays Diois is Mountain Bike Country

Get your calves working on our hilly terrain !

Le Pays Diois –labelled Mountain Bike Site by the French Federation of Cyclists- is one of the unmissable spot for mountain bike in France !
So, welcome on our trails and wild mountain passes between la Drôme Provençale and the foothills of the Vercors.
Expect varying distances and elevation gains, large tracks for thrilling descents, single tracks for flow, waiting, digging in, pushing, carrying, in other words : a riding heaven !


Follow your own rhythm ! 

Mountain bike in Pays Diois will have your calves heating up!  Its three gateways offer a good mix of elevation gain, distance and technical difficulties for wild and athletic outings around 3 sites :

* Valdrôme and its 98km trek over 2 days and its 5 circular trails under the sun of Provence.

* Lus-la-Croix-Haute and its 5 circuits culminating at 2,600 m of altitude at the foot of the highest summit of la Drôme.

* Die et Châtillon-en-Diois and its 17 circular trails to ride at the foothill of the Vercors Mountain.

Handy tip : Have you left your mountain bike at home ? Why not try an electric mountain bike: forget hard elevation gains and enjoy just the right amount of effort… 

Click here to download maps and GPX tracks from the French Federation of Mountain Bike website, VTT FFC.


Yes, you can ride along the ‘Grande Traversée du Vercors’ on your mountain bike !
Called la ‘GTV à VTT, it is a permanent waymarked trail between Grenoble and Die around the Vercors massif between piedmont and plateaux (it takes 4 days in 7 stages). There is also an alternative route crossing the High Plateaux of the Vercors or on the Chemins du Soleil trail.

Mountain Bike on ‘Les Chemins du Soleil’ Trails
Pays Diois is at the crossroad between two nation-wide trails crossing the Pre-Alps: the Valence/Gap-Sisteron route and the Grenoble/Nice route, both listed by the ‘Fédération Française de Cyclisme.’.


Our terrain is ideal to hold big mountain biking events ! 

Come and meet other passionate cyclists during carefully prepared events…
At the end of May-early June : the international renown Raid VTT – Les Chemins du Soleil offers unique and demanding routes !


Maps :
– IGN Top 25 : Glandasse-Col de la Croix Haute» n° 3237OT, Dévoluy n°3337OT, Luc-en-Diois-Valdrôme-Col de Cabre n° 3238OT, Die-Crest n° 3137OT, Dieulefit-St Nazaire le Désert-Forêt de Saou 3138OT

– Parc Naturel Régional du Vercors : Promenades et Randonnées en Vercors Diois

Riding Guides :
VTopo : VTT Itinérance Chemins du Soleil Valence Gap Sisteron
Carte VTT autour de Valdrôme.

Pays Diois Tourist Information Centre’s Mountain Bike Guide. Entitled: 
Le Pays Diois, Site labelisé VTT/FFC (27 idées d’itinéraires)’, it includes 27 trails.