Guides and equipment hire in Pays Diois

Why carry your bike on holiday when you could hire the latest model from one of our local professional businesses ? 
It is also the perfect opportunity to try a bike with electric assistance. Now you can truly enjoy the scenery and lift your eyes off the handlebar !

Our partners are here for advice and can suggest routes adapted to your needs.



You can trust local Mountain Bike instructors to take you on the region’s most fun single tracks! Plus, with their help, you’ll learn new techniques to improve on your practice.
Professional guides are a real luxury ! They are here to plan an itinerary especially tailored to your needs so you know you are going to enjoy your ride to the full !
They will also help with your posture on the bike and their advice on downhill riding in particular will improve your technical skills. They will also teach you the right posture on your bike and your technique, in particular on downhill tracks will improve. 

You will notice the difference on your next outing !