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The Lavender

Lavender, hard to estimate accurately the flowering, everything depends on the spring, sunshine ... but so beautiful when it delivers to us its purple tones, fuchsia ... In Diois, fields are small, scattered and reveal themselves to visitors eager  of wild corners.

A few explanations

Lavender is typical of this country because it blooms in lands located between 500 and 1200 meters.

There are two kinds of lavender in a natural state in the Diois, the true lavender (or fine) and the aspic that easily differentiates of the Lavandin that is the mixture of these two species. It has a larger tuft, it is the most cultivated because it is more profitable and grows easily in plain up to 800 meters but is twice less odorous.

Do you know...


that lavender has many virtues?


This is an antivenin, it facilitates the healing of wounds, dried flowers are used as a moth repellent while perfuming the cupboard and a few drops of oil are sufficient in the bath to make it soothing...


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Ferme du Villard (farm)


Producers of goat and sheep cheese, lavender and lavendin essential oils, walnut, walnut oil, jams, syrups, desserts and biscuits, take away dishes, vegetables and soaps. Ferme-Auberge and catering service (on booking).

Adress :

Le Villard
26340 Brette
06 85 15 88 26
04 75 27 20 90

4 Vallées distillery


Traditional lavender and other aromatic plants distillery. Presentation and selling of essential oils and other products all coming from lavender.

Adress :

302 chemin des Garandons
26150 Chamaloc
04 75 22 20 14
06 16 66 78 47

Opening time :

From 01/01 to 14/06/2018, daily.
On demand.

From 15/06 to 15/09/2018, daily.

From 16/09 to 31/12/2018, daily.
On demand.

L'Âme des Simples (Simples soul)


Listening to the plant world and the rhythm of the seasons, we craft process plants (wild and cultivated ones). Plants are hand-picked in order to propose a range of floral water, essential oils, oily macerations, herbal teas and buds…

Adress :

Les Tourettes
26150 Vachères-en-Quint
04 75 21 87 78
06 83 52 04 93

Opening time :

From 01/06 to 31/08/2018, every Wednesday at 5 PM.
Open other days on booking.


Pont de Quart distillery

Solaure en Diois

Discovery of the ancestral distillation (lavender and lavendin), find out about the difference between these two species, selling of essential oils and regional product : walnut oil, lavender and all flowers honey, lavender bunches, lime, thyme…

Adress :

Pont de Quart
26150 Solaure en Diois
06 86 21 77 16

Opening time :

From 07/07 to 26/08/2018, daily between 10 AM and 7 PM.


Louine Farm-Distillery


Distillery and hive products : essential oils, hydrolates and cosmetics, honeys. From the 7th July to 18th August, guided visit possible every Thursday at 10am.

Adress :

lieu dit La Louine
26310 Barnave
04 75 21 84 43

Opening time :

From 31/03 to 31/12/2018, daily.
Sale on farm : on Thursdays in July and August from 9 AM to 6 PM. Sale on local markets : on Wednesday and Saturday mornings in Die. Products also on sale at La Carline in Die.

Capribouq' Farm


AOP labelled, organic Picodon goat cheese producer, organic goat meat pâtés and sausages. Local products sales : honey, walnut oil, walnuts and lentils.

Adress :

Quartier Pied Gros
26310 Recoubeau-Jansac
06 71 89 28 23

Opening time :

From 01/01 to 31/12/2018, daily.
The shop is open all year round and you can visit the farm by appointment, every day, please call 06 71 89 28 23.


Brette Vieille Farm


Producer of goat cheese, honey, walnut oil, jam, lavender, goat cooked meat and goat milk soap. Member of the association 'Bienvenue à la Ferme'.

Adress :

Ferme Brès
26340 Brette
06 07 34 89 23
06 86 21 12 77

Opening time :

From 01/01 to 31/12/2018, daily.

La Ferme des Perbeaux


I grow, harvest and transform aromatic plants and offer a range of plant-based products (safran, cordial, herbal tea, dried aromatic herb, floral water, oil, essential oil, fruit juice.)

Adress :

2185 route d'Ausson
26150 Die
06 37 49 82 77

Opening time :

From 01/01 to 31/12/2018, daily.
By appointment.