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Long-distance trails

Grande traversée du Vercors, Route de la lavande, Traversée des Hauts plateaux, Sur les Pas des huguenots, ...The Diois, land of contrast and diversity offers to us several opportunities of long-distance trails.


Few examples of itineraries…


Les Grandes Traversées du Vercors

Well known by the hikers, the GTV propose several itineraries on foot, by mountain biking or by horse riding to cross the massif of the Vercors and discover its specificities. There are two guidebooks edited and sold in usual outlets.

The GTV on foot is made with a principal itinerary (“Le Tour du Vercors” -350 km) and its variant on the Hauts Plateaux du Vercors (“La Traversée du Vercors” -60 km).

For the Diois area, the itinerary starts by the Vallon de Combeau it joins Les Nonières (a nice tour of 2-3 days allows to climb on the Jocou) and it descents to Glandage. Then it connects the GR93 to pass in Bénevise and in the Cirque d’Archiane (a ring of limestone cliff).

And then in Châtillon, there are two possibilities:

-          The classic: by the GR95 to join the Abbey of Valcroissant, then Die.

-          The wild with the crossing of the Hauts Plateaux natural reserve by the GR91 to join Corrençon en Vercors (for information it’s take 3-4 days to connect Châtillon to Corrençon).



Sur les Pas des Huguenots

"Sur les Pas des Huguenots”, a long-distant international path, takes the historical way of the Huguenots’ exile towardSwitzerlandandGermanyafter the revocation of the edit ofNantes(1685-1690).

Starting from Poët-Laval in the Drôme, it goes toGeneva, Frankfurt am Main to finishes in Bad Karlshafen in the North of the Hesse inGermany.

With its1400 km, it is one of the longest hiking trails in Europe.





Retrouvance® en Vallée de la Roanne

RETROUVANCE® is a proposal of itinerant hikes on few days to discover ONF’s forests and accommodations.

At the heart of the Drôme, it’s one hike in a characteristic countryside which joins the Vercors to the Provence.

You will walk between forests and vineyards of the famous Clairette de Die, between walnut trees, pastures and lavender fields.

You will discover from crests and plateau some beautiful landscapes of mountain and preserved valleys. You will stop at the heart of pine trees and beech forests in forestry accommodations totally renovated.

The Roanne, now a settled down river, and its tributaries offer coolness and … swimming.

There are two variants for this stay of in 6 days / 5 nights:

-          “an accompanied formula” with mountain walking guide

-          “a formula in freedom” proposes for group of 6 persons minimum who are autonomous for the hikes and find their ways thanks to a guidebook given by the ONF.

For these two formulas, a logistician carries luggage and delivers the meals.