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Gorges d'Agnielles
05140 La Faurie
06 80 30 18 73

Caving discovery

This adventure to live with your family is sportive & playful. Geology, hydrology, archeology, cave fauna will be discussed. You will discover your bodily abilities in a new environment. You will become curious and enterprising.

Engaged body and soul in the exploration, you will reveal solidarity in order to progress in the adventure. The cave of the Resurrection in the valley of Agnielles has a large hall, narrow passages, stalactites and stalagmites.

More informations:

Track-style clothing: the top and the bottom, socks (the temperature in the cave is around 8°), all of which can be dirty. Spare garment. You must bring something to drink.

Equipment provided: helmet, lighting, caving suit, boots as well as all accessories of collective and individual progression, (parental authorization for unaccompanied minors during the activity - the guide does not provide transport).

Opening time :

From 21/04 to 08/12, every Wednesday between 9 AM and 11.30 AM.

Prices :

Adult: from 35 €
Child: from 25 €.

Latitude : 44.556604   Longitude : 5.773005