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SCIC SA Nouveau Monastère
54 place de l'Eglise Temple
26150 Sainte-Croix
04 75 21 22 06

Exhibition by Marie-Cécile Redmond

I start with a trace, maybe a light one, transient but powerful enough to lead to a whole. I work with water painting, ink, engraving: different techniques but similar approach. Working, searching, trying...

I am attracted to stormy skies, with subtle nuances of grey, to tangled clouds above the heath, to pearly waves; I am in awe at immaculate snow on dark grey rocks, the graphic quality of bare branches in winter, the details on a tree stump or a vine, fascinated by the light surging, intrusively, splendid brightness on blacks. What I love is to invite the viewer to enter my world so that he/she make it his/her own. I want my images to attract, touch, question, trouble, invite.
My aim is not to reproduce reality but to convey the spirit of a place.

Opening time :

From 22/06 to 11/07/2019, daily.

Prices :

Free access.

Latitude : 44.768000   Longitude : 5.282500