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SCIC SA Nouveau Monastère
54 place de l'Eglise Temple
26150 Sainte-Croix
04 75 21 22 06

Exhibition - Lize Hiegel

With my artwork in Chinese ink, I have a naturalist approach. These landscapes convey my awe at the grandeur and beauty of nature and my utter love of stones and plants...

When I work, I do not have a pre-determined plan, otherwise my sense of wonder vanishes. So I tend to go into a meditative state. Thus, my spontaneous gestures are the direct result of the emotions I felt during my outdoor trips. Vast landscapes with distant summits, horizons filled with trees and stones...'pure contemplation'...The landscapes are very real but their rendition in art are far more poetic !

Opening time :

From 01/06 to 20/06/2019, daily.

Prices :

Free access.

Latitude : 44.768568   Longitude : 5.282664